Our youth are meeting on Sunday mornings. Students in grades 6 - 12 meet together in the Sanctuary for worship then go to their classes during both services. 
One Heart Conference
March 5 and 6
6th – 12th Grade Youth
Res Life in Grandville
Price: $65 ($75 at the door)

This year, the focus of OneHeart Conference is “We Follow Jesus”. It is a back-to-basics, call to action, to embrace that Jesus is Lord. In a world full of idols and options, what does it look like to worship, submit to, and ultimately follow Jesus above all else? That’s the question we’re going after this year at OneHeart Conference.

Our goal this year is that students would leave with a deeper understanding and revelation of what it means to follow Jesus and that they would be inspired to do so. Our hope is that every student who attends experiences the true freedom that is found in submission to Jesus as the Lord of our lives and the King of heaven and earth.